CRIMSON TOWER. Status: Production

Role – Director. Animator. Compositor

Crimson Tower is an epic-thriller that revolves around EVE, a little girl determined by nature and her friend FOX. Taking place in a future where humans are afraid to sleep because of a creature haunting the dream world. Throughout their journey Eve and Fox face multiple emotional and physical obstacles testing their will to the extreme.

  • Seven-Minute Film
  • Original Soundtrack

CARTOON NETWORK (Bump). Status: Yet to be aired

Role – Director. Lead 2D Animator.

30 second bump for Cartoon Network featuring two mascots who hate each other.

NEF. Status: Complete

Role – Director. Animator.

Nefertiti comes to life on the walls of a museum as college students begin to discuss the possibilities of what could’ve happened to her in the 12 years history couldn’t account for her. She faces difficult situations as the mysterious stories keep piling up forcing her to deal with her adventurous situations in interesting ways.


Role – Director, Video Editor, Script. Animator.

I was tasked with helping conceptualize the potential future of Atlanta’s C.I.D road infrastructures. I interviewed several board members of ‘Aerotropolis’ consisting of: Delta Airlines, Porsche, Chick-Fil-A, Wells Fargo, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport, The Parking Spot, Mcdonald Development & more…

January 28, 2019